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Field House Equestrian in Marchington was established in 1971 by John & Marjorie Snow.


A keen equestrian couple themselves, John & Marjorie had three daughters, all of whom were interested in horses and competing. A natural transition was made from the original family business of farming, to the establishment of an equestrian business. In the early days Field House Equestrian ran unaffiliated competitions, however this quickly progressed to organising British Dressage and British Showjumping competitions.


Over the years Field House, which is also affectionately known as "Snows" by locals, has gone from strength to strength. Developing and evolving with the times to offer first class equestrian facilities in stunning surroundings. With over five decades of experience, Field House boasts a reputation of delivering highly professional, well organised equestrian competitions.


Field House Equestrian has stood the test of time, with the expertise passed down through three generations of the family:

Marjorie Snow

Marjorie Snow founded Field House Equestrian in 1971 alongside her husband John. Marjorie played an active role organising the competitions and events at the centre through the decades.


Marjorie is now enjoying a well deserved retirement, although still takes a keen interest in the progress of the business.

Sue Snow

Marjorie’s daughter Sue grew up with horses, and has plenty of experience riding and competing. Sue now focuses her time on running the business, and is the main course designer and organiser of the competitions and events at Field House Marchington.

Sarah Critchlow

Sarah, as Marjorie’s Granddaughter, is the third generation of the family involved in the running of Field House, and acts as company Secretary.


As you’d expect, Sarah is a keen equestrian and has ridden competitively in dressage, showjumping and eventing.

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