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Field House Terms & Conditions


Field House Terms and Conditions for Shows and Facility Hire.


 It is a condition of entry that all competitors have read and agreed to abide by all the rules for all shows and facility hire. Entries and hire are at the rider’s risk. BD and BS rules apply where applicable.

  1. In the event of snow at Marchington, all competition will be cancelled. Entries to be refunded minus £2 processing fees or can be transferred to another competition.
  2. All withdrawals to be made in writing via email: Withdrawals made before the close of entry are entitled to a full refund minus £2 processing fees. BS and BD refund policy applies.
  3. It is deemed a condition of entry that neither the organisers, nor any agent, employee or representative accept any liability for any accident, loss, damage, injury or illness to horses, owners, riders, grooms, spectators or any person whatsoever, whether caused by negligence, breach of contract or in any other way, and each entrant shall indemnify the promoter against any legal action. All persons attend at their own risk and are responsible for their own actions.
  4. Health and Safety. The organiser has taken all reasonable precautions to ensure the Health and Safety of everyone present. For these measures to be effective everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid accidents occurring and must obey officials and stewards.
  5. BS stallion Rule 82.19 applies to all shows and hire. No rider shall allow a stallion for which he / she is responsible to compete or be prepared to compete in any BS / or unaffiliated class without taking adequate precautions to ensure the safety of the riders and grooms.
  6. Horses must not be left unattended at any time, unless inside a secure and safe horse box. Tying up and leaving outside horse boxes / trailers is not permitted. Haynets not to be fed outside of horse box / trailer.
  7. Mucking out in lorry park is prohibited. Please take litter home.
  8. Riders and one groom only in the warm up arenas. Horses / ponies may only be ridden in these areas if they are pre entered and are competing in the class in progress. Any horse / pony being held must be in the designated area.
  9. Spectators and children not allowed in warm up arenas
  10. No unsupervised children allowed on these premises. Parents will be held responsible for all children brought to the premises and will be asked to remove all unruly children, and pay for any damage they may have caused.
  11. No person will be allowed in the ring except judges and officials
  12. Practice ring fences to be jumped with the red wing on the right and the white wing on the left.
  13. No lunging on the premises
  14. Show organisers reserve the right to cancel any event, amend or amalgamate any class and refuse any entry.
  15. Judge’s decision is final
  16. BS / BD rules for dress and saddlery apply where applicable. Hats of the current standard must be worn at all times by anyone mounted, with the harness correctly adjusted and fastened.
  17. Entries for affiliated competitions are for those combinations that are registered with the affiliated body either BS or BD unless competing on a day ticket.
  18. Any objection must be handed to Hon. Secretary in writing within 30 minutes of the event, with a deposit of £50, and if the objection is not sustained such deposit shall be forfeited.
  19. No entry accepted without correct fee
  20. In the event of insufficient starters in any BS class, lower prizes may be withheld in accordance with rules 76.6
  21. Please use litter bins provided or take litter home
  22. No bicycles or motorcycles allowed on the premises. No dogs allowed in the eating areas
  23. No smoking
  24. In case of inclement weather, please check our website and Facebook page for cancellations
  25. Dogs to be on leads at all times, please do not leave poo bags
  26. All prize money to be collected on the day
  27. It is a condition of entry that you accept that your photograph may be taken by the official photographer.


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