Schedules - Unaffiliated Dressage

Unaffiliated Dressage incorporating Trailblazer Dressage Qualifiers - Winter 2018/19


UNAFFILIATED DRESSAGE incorporating Trailblazer Dressage Qualifiers Start: Approx. 9 am

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October: 14th and 28th

November: 3rd and 11th

December: 30th

January: 5th and 19th

February: 9th and 23rd

Dressage classes to qualify for Trailblazer second rounds 2019


Class 1: Intro B TQ


Class 2: Prelim 2


Class 3: Prelim 13 TQ


Class 4: Novice 30 TQ


Class 5: Elementary 44 TQ


Class 6: Dengie Pony Club Dressage (28th Oct, 11th Nov, 30th Dec, 5th Jan, 9th Feb, 23rd Feb only)


Class 6A: Dengie Novice Dressage Test 2018


Class 6B: Dengie Intermediate Dressage Test 2013


Class 6C: Dengie Open Dressage Test 2015





All dressage to be pre entered. Closing dates: one week prior to competition

Entry Fee: £16 including First Aid (Late entries: £20)

Times: 2 nights prior:


PRIZES: The winner will receive a ticket to ride in a BD affiliated competition. Plus vouchers from Blue Chip Feeds on selected days Prize money on a pro rata basis, rosettes to 5th place.

Enter online at