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Schedules - Team Quest

Team Quest 2022

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Team Quest 2020 Club

  • Saturday 12th February 2022
  • Saturday 12th March
  • Saturday 16th April
  • Saturday 4th June
  • Saturday 30th July
  • Saturday 6th August


Team Quest 2020 My

My Quest is an exciting initiative for riders competing at Intro, Prelim or Novice level. The competition league is for individuals and runs alongside Team Quest, with sections for Open and Under 21. My Quest follows the same regional structure as Team Quest, with regional leaderboards taking the top riders to a Regional Final and then the National Championships. Riders will earn My Quest points according to the percentage they achieve. A rider's five best My Quest percentages and resulting My Quest points will then feed into the regional leaderboard for each section (Open and Under 21) at each level.Remember you can take part in both Team Quest and My Quest! You can even qualify at multiple levels for My Quest.

  • My Quest Open Intro C
  • My Quest Under 21 Intro C
  • My Quest Open Prelim 7
  • My Quest Under 21 Prelim 7
  • My Quest Open Novice 27
  • My Quest Under 21 Novice 27

 Team Quest 2020 Team

Teams of three or four riders will ride as individuals across any of the three test levels and the best three scores count towards an overall team total, with the highest team total winning the competition. Your team will be awarded Team Quest points based on your team's best five placings and will be ranked on a regional leaderboard, which takes the top teams forward to a Regional Final and then the National Championships! There are two sections: Open and Under 21.

  • Team Quest Open Intro B
  • Team Quest Under 21 Intro B
  • Team quest Open Prelim 13
  • Team Quest Under 21 Prelim 13
  • Team Quest Open Novice 30
  • Team Quest Under 21 Novice 30

Entry Fee: £20 per test

Late Entries: £22 per test

All tests to be pre entered online at  Entries close one week prior to competition.


Times available two nights before competition: