Schedules - Combined Training Series

British Dressage Combined Training Series Qualifier - 4th February 2018

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Qualifiers are open to members of British Dressage, British Eventing, British Show Jumping, Pony Club and British Riding Clubs. All riders must hold a minimum membership of BD Club, BS Club, BE Day Pass, PC or BRC membership and be registered at THE TIME OF ENTRY stating their membership number. There is no requirement for a horse to be registered to participate in qualifiers, however, they must abide by British Dressage rules in relation to age and vaccinations. Regardless of membership in other disciplines, qualified combinations competing in either of the two finals must hold a MINIMUM of a BD Club Membership by close of entries on the final.

Children may ride horses from the beginning of the calendar year in which the age of 12 is reached. Any age rider may ride ponies provided that the rider is of a suitable size for the pony.

The Dressage must be ridden before the jumping

A horse / pony may not compete in more than 2 BD Combined Training Classes on the same day.

Elimination from one phase involves elimination from the whole competition. However, if eliminated in the dressage, a rider may ask permission from the organiser to participate in the show jumping phase HC.

The dressage section is run in accordance with BD rules.

The show jumping section is run according to BS Club rules.

In the event of equality, the winner is decided by the highest marks from the dressage. If there is still equality, the combination with the highest collectives in the dressage wins. If still equal, then equal placings will be awarded.

The top two horse / rider combinations will qualify from each class for the Final. Qualification will pass down the line if either combination in the top two are already qualified. Wild Cards may be issued.

All Combined Training Classes are to be pre entered online at Clear Round Warm Up Show Jumping classes can be entered on the day.

Class 1a: 65cm Clear Round Warm Up Show Jumping

Class 1: Prelim 2, Show Jumping 70cm

Class 2a: 75 cm Clear Round Warm Up Show Jumping

Class 2: Prelim 18, Show Jumping 80cm

Class 3a: 85cm Clear Round Warm Up Show Jumping

Class 3: Novice 24, Show Jumping 90cm

Class 4a: 95cm Clear Round Warm Up Show Jumping

Class 4: Novice 34, Show Jumping 1m.


Entry Fee:

Combined Training: £35, plus £4 per rider First Aid

Show Jump Warm Classes: £10, plus £4 per rider First Aid


Prize Money: on a pro rata basis

Combined Training: £40, £30, £20, £10

Combined Training Competitors will be allocated a start time for the dressage section, which can be found on our website A drawn order with approximate start times will be published for the show jumping section. Classes will not be held for any competitor arriving late.


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