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Pet Plan Festival - Times

Pet Plan Area Festival September 2019 - Provisional Timetable

Petplan Area Festivals

Plan Area Festival September 2019


Provisional Timetable

Important Information,  Please Read!:

Congratulations to all competitors on qualifying for the Field House Pet Plan Area Festival. As I am sure you are all aware, the Pet Plan Area Festival Series is changing next year, so sadly this is the last year of our Semi Final. We hope you all have a goood Festival and would like to give every competitor a complimentary packet of polos, which can be collected from the secretary. Good Luck to you all and please read the following important information before arrival!

Equine Flu and Passports: Please bring passports for random checks in line with the BD flu policy of 12 months vaccinations.

Stables: to be pre booked; are available from 5pm - 5pm, please leave them clean for the next person. Please use shavings, stables will not have bedding provided.

Hook Up: Via a domestic 3 point plug, to be pre booked

Arena Walks: For qualified horses only, these must be ridden and have bridle numbers attached

Dogs; are welcome but please keep them on a  lead and clean up after them! Please don't hang up 'poo bags' on the fence!!!

Prize Givings: are mounted

Prize Money: to be collected on the day unless other arrangements have been made in person with Mrs Snow.

If you would like to help collect test sheets from the judges, please see the secretary on the day of the competition. Any help is much appreciated! 


Thursday 19th September


Friday 20th September


Saturday 21st September


Sunday 22nd September



These documents are PROVISIONAL

and so are subject to changes